I just found out about this show, called Wander Over Yonder, yesterday!

Doesn’t the art style look so…familiar? Doesn’t it ring a bell?

Yes! If you watched The Powerpuff Girls or Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, you would recognize that this show was created by Craig McCraken!

I thought Craig was done with creating TV shows after he was finished with Cartoon Network! D: But! Apparently not! He created this show! :)

I’ve loved McCracken’s shows from the very beginning! As if it couldn’t get better? It does! :D NOW, the voice actor of the main character, Wander, is, ladies and gentlemen, JACK MCBRAYER! THE VOICE ACTOR OF FIX-IT FELIX JR.! ❤😍 OMFGOMFGOMFG!

When this show airs on Disney Channel this summer, guess who’s going to be watching it?! xD